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Summer Camp Program
Phinell Theme Center
Building A Foundation For Early Learning
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The Summer Camp program is designed to prepare students for their next grade level.  Each
summer, campers participate in a ten-week super summer adventure. Children involved in the
summer program have the opportunity to take a virtual vacation to many fascinating places while
learning fun facts and interesting information about our city and state.  The summer program
offers academic and fun during the ten-week summer adventure.

Each student will be given Enrichment Math and English workbooks.  The workbooks are
designed to give the students a daily lesson plan that will enhance their skills and abilities for
the next school year.

Summer School Packets
The Center will assist students with their summer school packets. Parents are responsible for
supplying all supplies necessary to complete the project.

Library Sessions
Students will visit the library regularly to check in/out books and surf the Internet. Parents are
responsible for making sure that their child has his or her library card.  

Education Tours
Students will tour museums and college campuses. The museum tours are designed to
enhance the student’s knowledge of the past, present and future of the city of Atlanta and/or
Georgia.  The college campus tours are designed to help students learn about continuing
education and campus lifestyles.

Outdoor and Sport Activities
Outdoor and sports activities will include games played outside.

Weekly Field trips
There will be weekly fun field trips, such as swimming, bowling, skating, and going to the park.  
Parents are responsible for spending money.

Major Field Trips
There will be two major field trips: Clayton County Beach and Six Flags Over Georgia. Parents
are responsible for their child’s admission tickets and any spending money.

In house Movies/Video Games
Students are allowed to bring movies and video games.  All movies/games must be rated G.  
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